Quarantinnie Pack – Sour




Staying home got you feeling a bit Sour? Let our Sour Quarantinnie Pack brighten up your backyard or balcony with their fruity goodness! $99 gets you 14 cans of beer from across the globe, delivered to your door.

These packs are available to order right now for free next day delivery in Melbourne, or a flat rate of $20 (per pack) right across the rest of Oz.

See the full list of beers below:

@fiercebeer Blackcurrant Tart
@garageproject White Mischief
@cervisiamno Impeached
@mollyrosebarandcellar When Life Gives You Lemons Farmhouse Sour
@garageproject Electric Dry Hop Acid Test
@batchbrewingcompany Señor Spicy Chilli and Orange Salted Sour
@moondogbrewing Sir Plum McCartney
@duncansbrewing Raspberry Icecream Sour
@lasirenebrewing Citray Sour
@twotribesbrew New Romantic Passionfruit Sour
@bodriggybrewingco Fuzzy Dance Explosion Hazy Tropical Sour
@tallboyandmoose Pinkest Pink Grisette w/ Pink Peppercorns and Hibiscus
@andersonvalleybrewing Blood Orange Gose
@kaijubeer Main Squeeze Passion Guava Session Sour


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