Hargreaves Hill x Four Pillars Gin Barrel Gose


Country: Australia

Brewery: Hargreaves Hill

Style: Gose

Style: 440mL Can

ABV: 5.2%

The liquid spent time in Christmas Gin barrels, when in previous years they’ve used those from the distiller’s Rare Dry Gin; as a little background, the Christmas variant features actual Christmas puddings distilled with a base of juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander seed and Angelica. Don’t go expecting a move into sweeter, heavier, dark fruit territory, however. This remains a light and lifted affair in which the botanicals-derived perfume works with the base beer to deliver a lemongrass-like herbaceousness. There’s not much in the way of sourness or acidity or oak, with each contributing factor seemingly served with a delicate touch, leaving you with a slips-down-easy session beer for those who like things a little left of centre.

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