Gentle Folk Village Chardonnay


Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills, SA

Producer: Gentle Folk

Variety: Chardonnay

ABV: 12.5%

Vintage: 2020

A mixture of all our Chardonnay sites, the 2020 is one of the best vintages we have seen for Chardonnay around these parts with the wines having loads of tension and tannin. Serious wine.


Increasingly, Chardonnay is becoming the star variety in the Gentle Folk range, with Gareth Belton producing some of the most thrilling examples of the variety in the Adelaide Hills.

The Village Chardonnay is a composite blend of all the Chardonnay sites farmed by Gareth and Rainbo. It’s a representation of the region and the season and beautifully balanced on release.

This vintage sees exception flavour development in the fruit across the sites with sufficient tannin to lend structure and pure, racy acidity as the backbone.

It’s not a flashy Chardonnay but it is inherently complex and stunning to drink.

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