Garage Project Sunrise Valley Double IPA


Country: New Zealand

Brewery: Garage Project

Style: IPA – Imperial/Double IPA

Style: 440ml Can

ABV: 8%

Home and away, a series of rebrews bringing some of our funnest overseas collaborations back to the garage. For this release we bring you Sunrise Valley, originally brewed in Canton, Massachusetts with East Coast brewing legends Trillium using a radical hop free boil and massive dry hop addition of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin and Rakau hops.

Sunrise Valley itself is a unique brew, I think for both of our breweries. It was an experiment in a totally hop free boil, relying instead on a massive dose of dry hop to deliver balancing bitterness, and huge flavour and aroma. The name is a reference to the idyllic spot in the Upper Moutere where Freestyle Farms grows their hops, and this brew is bursting with harvest fresh Nelson Sauvin and Rakau. This is the biggest dry hop addition we’ve ever done – so massive in fact that the beer delivered the most appalling yield with a huge amount of it soaked up in the hops. 

Still, that just makes every aromatic, hoppy, hazy, nectar-like drop of it just that more precious. 

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