3 Ravens 2020 Nat Rav Pinot Noir


Country: Australia

Brewery: 3 Ravens

Style: Wild Ale – Hybrid

Format: 750mL Bottles

ABV: 6.6%

It’s been a busy month for our Nat Rav series and our latest release, 2020 Yarra Valley Pinot Noir has quite the story to tell.

Historically, our brew team loved having an excuse to make the day trip out to the Yarra Valley to pick up grape skins from our collaboration partners, but when exciting Victorian Winemaker Jamsheed moved into their new digs in Preston, that excuse was lost.

However, the good news is that this sped up the process and so in April we rolled out the trolley, and it turns out that the trip back to the brewery is downhill and surprisingly devoid of pot-holes. Within an hour, the freshly pressed Pinot Noir skins were submerged in beer under a pillow of CO2. The beer selected was an extremely dry amber farmhouse ale referred to in the brewery as “French Biscuit” – brewed with toasted malts, rolled rye and house-malted biscuit rye, hopped in the kettle with aged Saaz hops, fermented with a French farmhouse yeast and dry-hopped with an experimental hop from Crosby Hop Farms before 9 months maturation with our house mixed culture in neutral wine barrels. The result was a Brettanomyces-forward beer with predominant horse saddle and funk, a restrained acidity and a delicious array of mixed berry and fruit salad notes. Refermentation on the Pinot Noir skins resulted in a delicate beer with earthy undertones of spice, herbs and mint as well as subtle top notes of cranberry and dark cherry. We finished the beer with the addition of a 9-month-old sour red ale – contributing body and complimentary malt aromatics as well as soft jammy flavours and a pronounced acidity.

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